Intelligently designed wellness products from fuseproject founder Yves Béhar


From Yves Béhar of fuseproject, the design mind behind the “XO” laptop for the One Laptop per Child program, Jawbone UP and Jambox, comes Sabi, a line of medication vessels aimed at bringing beauty and efficiency to an everyday necessity. The “Vitality Line” includes holsters, crushers, choppers, folios, shakers—in short, every pill accessory you will ever need or want. So wether you’re halving a Xanax or dosing out a weekly allotment of fish oil, Sabi has you covered.

Fuse_Sabi2a.jpg Fuse_Sabi2b.jpg

Rather than focusing on pure innovation, Sabi’s goal was to enhance the everyday experience through a simple solution. Sabi was careful to keep the user needs in mind, ensuring easy access for people with special needs. The intelligent ergonomics exemplify a rare union of form and function, exactly the kind of thinking we’ve come to expect from Béhar.


Showing awareness to the last detail, all products are minimally packaged. The blue and white look is a touch more discrete than prescription bottles, and storage options ensure you won’t be mixing up your meds. The tools and accessories for such daily essentials often lack the attention they deserve in terms of aesthetics, but Sabi’s mission to rework medicinal storage reflects a shift in the expectations of consumers, who now demand smart design at every turn.

Fuse_Sabi4b.jpg Fuse_Sabi4a.jpg

Among the selections from the line are Crush and Chop, which grind up and split pills into accurate segments. Carafe unites pill storage with a handy water bottle, and Folio is a weekly “pill book” that uses an elastic strap to lock prescriptions into daily chambers.The full Sabi collection will be launched later this year—”Agility” will address domestic carrying and lifting problems while “Mobility” takes on travel accessories for wellness items. Find the current offerings at Sabi online.