Sandwichbikes + Van Gogh Museum

Five masterpieces from the famous Dutch artist, now available in bike form


Though it was first conceived as a curious concept by Dutch design agency Bleijh nearly a decade ago, our initial introduction to the Sandwichbike came in 2013 during Milan Design Week. Shipped flat-packed, the predominately wood frame design is as unconventional a bike can be without losing its defining two wheels and sharp geometry. Recently Sandwichbike has grown as a standalone company, and earlier this month they announced an artful collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum. With this, buyers can choose from five famous Vincent Van Gogh paintings, with the desired artwork being applied directly to the bicycle’s flat wooden frame.


Available in both a single-speed (€1,500) and automatic two-speed (€1,700) gear set-up, the Van Gogh series offers a distinct way for cyclists around the world to show a bit of personality while supporting the arts as well. Visit Sandwichbikes online for more.

Images courtesy of Sandwichbikes