Science Project Pillows

New cushions sporting designs straight from science textbooks


Following the success of her typography placemats and other clever concepts, textile designer Heather Lins’ new pillows introduce another nerdy motif, this time taking up illustrations that look lifted from the pages of science textbooks.

The designs—Geology (a volcano), Botany (a flower), and Anatomy (a person)— incorporate eco-friendly materials for an accessory that’s environmental in more ways than one. Sewn in the U.S., dark wool felt backgrounds offset the brightly colored appliques made from a material derived from post-consumer and -industrial sources, like soda and water bottles.

Filled with down and feathers, the 17-inch Science Project pillows sell for $176 a pop (marked down 20% from $220 through Earth Day, 21 April 2010) from Heather Lins’ online Supermarket.