Casper’s New Dual-Layer Pillows

A firm core meets plush outer layering, resulting in adaptive comfort

For all that we make of the ongoing mattress boom, only ancillary attention has been paid to pillows. And yet, developments are afoot here as well. One of the brands leading the renewed interest in inexpensive, high-quality mattresses also has an effective addition to the world of pillows. The Casper Pillow employs a dual-layer structure that balances a firm, springy inner-core with a plush outer layer composed of low-friction fibers. In essence, it’s a two-piece pillow that allows you to sink in and not sink through. This soft support gets bolstered by a two-inch gusset that makes sure the silky, microfiber fill is kept consistently across the pillow.

While many of us still believe we’re either “firm” or “soft” pillow people—due to our sleep positions—the team at Casper has found that one type truly does fit all. No matter how you fall asleep (on your side, front or back) studies show that we all move around plenty during the night, which means our pillow needs to suit all angles and positions. The Casper pillows—developed over the course of a year, and designed and assembled in the US—reflect as much careful consideration as the racing minds they seek to quiet at night.

Purchase Casper pillows online, where a standard size costs $75 and a king size retails for $85.

Images courtesy of Casper