Keep safe with a loss prevention tag in gold


Just released by art director Justin Gignac, Security!™ is an 18k-gold-plated sterling silver version of plastic security tags stores put on clothes to prevent theft. The piece, meant to be worn as a pin, stems from the NYC-based artist’s idea (he’s also behind the popular campaign Needs for Sale) of elevating mundane and overlooked items in our everyday lives.


As a perfectly banal example, Justin explains the security tag “is one of those things that I’ve ignored for years. What better way to call attention to it then make it gold and throw some diamonds on it.” Paired with the skills of talented jewelry designer Max Steiner the two worked quickly to produced a finished item in time for the holidays. Available with ($700) or without diamonds ($550), get Security!™ either from the online store or at brick-and-mortar shop Reed space.