Kyouei Design: Liquid Bookmarks and Lamps


by Laura Neilson

For all the devoted bibliophiles who refuse to save their page by dog-earing their favorite pieces of literature, this startling bookmark instead applies a faux drip of liquid making for a cheeky alternative.

It's designed by Kouichi Okamoto of Kyouei Design, the same company that brought us the cleverly-conceived umbrella pot last spring and that's known for their inventive lighting systems. Just as creative as their lamps, the silicon "liquid bookmark," is meant to make books appear as though they're melting—although the red version could be the perfect bloodstain to any horror novel. Each is one of a kind, handmade by the designer himself and comes in a set of three (red, white and gray).

We're also big fans of Okamato's similarly-themed lamps which, depending on the color, appear to be melting or doing something far more blood-chilling.


Both the lamps and bookmarks are available at Designboom or the Kyouei Design shop.