Santorini Lamps by Estudio Sputnik

Sustainably minded hanging lamps with adjustable wooden shades at Feria Habitat Valencia


Founded by four former classmates, Valencia-based Estudio Sputnik is a young, multidisciplinary design collective with a focus on innovation in everyday objects. Exhibiting as part of Nude, Feria Habitat Valencia‘s showcase of emerging Spanish designers, Sputnik caught our attention with its series of sustainably-crafted modular hanging lamps. Dubbed “Santorini Lamps,” each features a wood base and a series of removable shades that create different lighting effects.


Each of the lamps’ wooden shades, available in a variety of shapes, can be slid in different directions to focus or diffuse light. The stackable shades also help break up the lamps’ cylindrical profile to create a more geometric aesthetic and, because they’re attached to the glass globe with three silicone pads, there’s no intrusive hardware to worry about.


The studio is dedicated to working as a team to keep ideas fresh and forward-focused, as evidenced by their choice of materials for the Santorini Lamps. Instead of using typical metals and plastics, Estudio Sputnik settled on a more sustainable local Spanish pine and fine Italian crystal. Both ecological and practical, the wood is beautiful raw or painted, and very lightweight, so no special ceiling mounts or hardware are necessary. As an added bonus, the crystal is crack-resistant—an important detail, as it turns out, because we witnessed one of the glass globes fall and bounce, unbroken, off the thinly-carpeted concrete floor.

For more information on the work of Estudio Sputnik visit their newly designed site. To learn more about Nude, visit Feria Habitat Valencia.