Entler’s Two- and Three-Headed Lamps

The LA-based ceramic design studio fires personality into lighting fixtures

First impressions of Entler’s cast stoneware lamps: organic and weird, yet completely charming. The curved necks evoke a curious creature (or maybe even modern-day humans, craning over our phones) and the Shorty Lamp goes one step further to resemble a demure version of Pixar’s bouncy, ebullient Luxo Jr.

The two- and three-headed lamps, however, are our favorites—especially those that hang from the ceiling—channeling a little bit of Medusa and submarine periscopes. A golden cloth cord and brass details add some contemporary elegance to the overall look. The lamps, made by Jonathan Entler out of his studio in LA’s Echo Park, are available in various fun shades, including nude pink and palladium.

Purchase from Entler’s own website or from Lawson-Fenning where prices start at $335.

Images courtesy of Entler and Lawson-Fenning