Simple Garden

Start home gardens right with a foolproof kit for cultivating plants

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Do you long for homegrown tomatoes but lack the space and green thumb? Fertile Earth has a solution. Their Simple Garden Starter Kit, devised in collaboration with the product designers at Provo, UT studio Rocketship, introduces an idiot-proof set-up to home gardening, whether urban or suburban.


The 2010 IDEA-winner comes with everything but water, including a special blend of organic planting soil, seed packets, a planting template, a planting stick and a guide to cultivating hearty crops. But the container design is key too, boosting plant growth by improving air flow, water circulation and nutrient absorption.

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To make at-home gardens even easier, Fertile Earth makes LiteStik and WaterStik, two clever production aids. WaterStik detects moisture in the soil, letting you know whether it’s time to water or you’ve watered too much with a multicolored LED, while LiteStik also uses LED technology to supplement natural light.


The Kit ($30), Junior Herb Garden ($15), LiteStik ($30) and WaterStik ($16) all sell online from Simple Garden.