Sticky Tiki

Removable fabric wall decals designed to help kids get crafty


Kids are fickle. Keeping them entertained is a never-ending problem for parents. Enter Sticky Tiki, a creative solution in the form of reusable wall decals, originally hand-painted and printed by a crafty couple in Napier, New Zealand. Made from rip- and wrinkle-proof fabric, the graphics are backed with a low-tack adhesive for easy transfer— either to reconfigure the shape, apply them outdoors or to take them with you if you move.


The printed fabric is also washable, so they not only encourage cognitive thinking through creative application, but allow for messy kids to go wild with them—perfect for interactive storytelling.

sticky-tiki5.jpg sticky-tiki6.jpg

Sticky Tiki wall graphics last three to five years, and have been tested for long-lasting strength after repositioning, which work up to around 140 moves. Leaving no marks on the walls when moved, if your little one outgrows the design, there is no need to repaint the room.

The decals come in a variety of styles and range in price, typically spanning $25-150. Pick them up online from the official website or Etsy shop, where you can also contact the makers about customization.