Style-Minded Motorcycle Gear

Three key pieces of apparal and protection to keep you looking slick and riding safe on the open road


As the temperature continued to drop in NYC in December we took a few days refuge in beautiful Palm Springs to tour the varied terrain atop the all new Ducati Scrambler. As previously reported, the bike was a blast. And now it’s our turn to fill you in on the gear we wore to test the all-new adventure-ready machine. From an exceptionally well-designed helmet to an insulated leather bomber and minimalist gloves, the following three items are our picks of the moment for looking good and staying safe while riding both in and out of the urban environment.



In the past, we’ve tended to lean towards vintage-inspired designs when choosing helmets. From the Bell Bullitt to the Biltwell Gringo, a clean design always wins. That said, the exceptionally sleek design of the K4 EVO made stepping into the world of performance-focused helmet design easier—knowing AGV has long been one of the top helmet manufacturers in the world helped make the decision simple too. The sleek design is aerodynamic and extremely well-balanced, cutting down on wind resistance even when looking in directions other than straight ahead. Plus with 3D-constructed internal padding and a fiberglass outer shell, it is lightweight and comfortable. Find it from AGV for $240.


Iron & Resin INR Elk Bobber Glove

As previously stated, we’re suckers for classic design. Iron & Resin’s Elk Bobber Glove delivered just that. Made of thick, premium grain elk hide leather, the unconstructed gloves are comfortable from the start and will surely wear in nicely with use. The rolled, slightly synched cuff makes for an unrestricted fit while naturally fitting over shirt or jacket sleeves to prevent cold air from rushing in while riding. The gloves sell for $72 from California’s Iron & Resin.


Dainese Washington Jacket

Few motorcycle-specific jackets look stylish off the bike—unless they are simply inspired by motorcycles and not actually meant to be ridden in. The new Washington Jacket from Dainese’s recently introduced heritage-inspired 36060 line is both attractive and functional. Safety features include soft, certified Pro-Shape padding at the shoulders and elbows with a special interior pocket to accommodate an add-in back protector. Though well-equipped to soften a blow should you hit the ground, the jacket drapes naturally and the padding is hardly noticeable—if at all—from an outsider’s perspective.

The cow hide leather isn’t exceptionally soft, though this makes it less susceptible to light scratches, meaning it will retain its dark color longer. Though the plaid interior wouldn’t have been our first choice for liner, we appreciate how considered the overall design is; with little to no unnecessary zippers or pockets. Dainese sells the Washington Jacket for $500.

Action images courtesy of Ducati, jacket image courtesy of Dainese, all others by Cool Hunting