Sumo World Cup iPod Cases


, a San Francisco-based accessory designer, has hit on a novel idea with a set of high-quality leather iPod cases featuring the national colors of several of the most popular World Cup national soccer teams. Choose from: USA, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Argentina (pictured, a Cool Hunting premiere), England, Mexico, and non-specific black.

If you’ve been in a sportsbar with even a smattering of European, Latin American or African clientele recently you’ll know that World Cup fever is building fast. The international soccer, er football, er soccer championship games are hosted in Germany this June and already fans around the world are gearing up with creative ways to show their jingoistic allegiance to their national team.

These will be available, for a limited time, in some upmarket department stores but online may be the way to go. The $40 case starts shipping 1 May 2006, for a limited three month run.