45 iPod Cases


The folks at 45 iPod Cases have devised a perfect way to integrate antiquated analog technology into the digital age by reclaiming old seven-inch records and folding them into protective vinyl shells to house 5th and 6th generation iPods. In addition to the clever way that the repurposed record continues in its role of facilitating music, the enlarged record holes perfectly fit the iPods' circular scroll wheel. The ingenious design move makes us wonder whether Apple's dimensions are utter coincidence or supreme cunning.

Music fans may be more excited by the wide array of musicians available. Their catalog includes 45s ranging from Elvis to Depeche Mode and will be made specifically to fit your particular iPod model.

The designers at 45 also produce cases for 1st and 2nd generation iPod Nanos, which employ the cases from abandoned cassette tapes. Using various classic cassettes shells, they install an acrylic screen and neoprene padding that allows full functionality and protection. You can similarly choose from a gallery of different cassettes designs.

Both Nano and regular iPod cases can be purchased on their website for $45 CAD or $40 if you participate in their poster campaign.