Sylki Chair

Gradation, aeration and ergonomics come together in a new piece by POD

POD-Sylki-1.jpg POD-Sylki-2.jpg

Contoured around natural seating postures, the Sylki Chair is the latest furniture design from Brooklyn-based studio POD Design. By considering ergonomics the geometrical chair’s surface features highly specific undulations and indentations designed to enhance comfort while distributing pressure on joints. To reduce waste the chair is molded from a single sheet of laser-cut, 20 gauge (0.9mm thick) recycled metal. Sylki is reported to weigh “less than a bottle of wine” while still being able to support upwards of 250 pounds.


“The main challenge of the Sylki chair was making a material
transcend its original intention to create a balance or harmony between making the chair and reducing costs and waste,” says POD principal Brooks Atwood. In doing so Atwood applied a gradation of holes through portions of the chair to minimize weight without sacrificing purpose. The bold cutouts give the chair new dimension both physically and visually while maintaining structural integrity. Early iterations of the design can be seen in wood prototypes and computer renderings, demonstrating the careful thought behind the design decision.

SYLKI-design-4.jpg POD-sylki-prototype-5.jpg

Atwood’s Sylki Chair is available now through The Fancy, with more information online at POD Design.

Images courtesy of POD Design