Tacco Polar Insoles

Line shoes with lambswool to warm feet all winter long


Urban living means you don’t always need all the trappings of a technical boot but if your city-slicker shoes are lacking in warmth, you may want to consider the instant coziness an insole can add. While some of my favorites are a pair hand-felted by a family friend, I was lacking time for a crafternoon so I was happy to find these 100% lambswool versions at NYC’s Cowboy Shoe Repair.

Made from cuddly fleece, the wool layer is bonded to a latex rubber layer so that they stay put inside shoes. I’m not sure why Germans excel at foot care products exactly, but the Polar model is one of several that the German maker Tacco offers on their site. Pick it up directly from Tacco’s site for €3 or from Shoe Hardware for $5.