The Feltron 2008 Annual Report


Graphic designer and data visualization guru Nicholas Felton just released the fourth volume of the Feltron Annual Report, his yearly compendium of personal statistics. As in previous reports, Felton has meticulously logged factoids pertaining to travel, dining, drinking, listening, reading and photography. Apart from being a visual delight, The Feltron 2008 Annual Report makes for a fascinating anthropological case-study of a creative man living and working in New York.

Want to know how many Bloody Mary's he drank last year? Seven. His average miles walked per day? 3.13. The number of CDs purchased versus albums downloaded? 2 to 46. Why the Secret Service visited his office in September? You'll have to ask.

Unlike its predecessors, this year's report has been printed as a fold-out, the flip side of which features a collection of maps from Felton's travels. However, the bit of genius that will send you racing to order you own are the maps which have been plotted to create a cut-and-fold icosahedron atlas (below)—a twenty sided object comprised of equilateral triangles.


The Feltron 2008 Annual Report is produced in a signed and numbered edition of 3000. It can be purchased online for $5 (folded) or $10 (unfolded).

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