The Moneywrap

Ditch your bulky wallet for an ultra-minimalist alternative


Dreaded by minimalists and doctors alike (“Wallet Sciatica” is an actual medical condition), the bulky Costanza wallet is swiftly becoming a thing of the past thanks to sharp designs like the Moneywrap. Produced by the international notebook and accessory brand, Daycraft, the impossibly simple wallet design turns a single strip of leather into a handy cash and card carrier with the help of an elastic band. As supporters of spare design that gets the job done we were keen to give the Moneywrap a try.


After the desk test—sitting on the Moneywrap for nine hours straight—and a night on the town we can attest to its ease of use and low impact on posture. The elastic strap slides off easily for access to all your goodies, and the smooth exterior was purposely designed to prevent scratches on any technology sharing your pocket. The perfectly basic design looks beautiful and operates seamlessly, but when open, it left our cash and cards balancing a bit precariously. The set-up is not unlike the traditional money clip, so it takes some practice to keep everything in check.


The Moneywrap is available now from Daycraft in black and brown leather for $56. For more information check out the Moneywrap‘s dedicated site.

Images by Graham Hiemstra