The Rolling Owl Stool

Naturally informed, bird-inspired furniture from Maine


When creating a new piece of furniture, Maine craftsman Geoffrey Warner finds inspiration in the beauty and strength of natural forms. A carpenter by trade, Warner is especially drawn to those he finds in the woods that surround his studio to create such subtly whimsical pieces as the Rolling Owl Stool.

Part of Warner’s Owl Furniture collection, the stool takes on the shape of a face peering up from the seat. Besides a clever namesake, the perch’s unique contours help angle the body forward, promoting spinal alignment while simultaneously cushioning the leg muscles. The seat’s holes are a product of Warner’s own frustrations with workbench stools and are designed to take pressure off of one’s tailbones.

The Rolling Owl stool is made to order and comes in either sustainable cherry or walnut, and a variety of base colors. Purchase for $375 through Warner’s website.