The Threadless Book

The web's premiere community-driven t-shirt line commemorates its 10th birthday with a book

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Crowd-sourced t-shirt phenomenon Threadless commemorates its 10-year anniversary with a eponymous book depicting 300 of the best designs year-by-year.

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Written by co-founder Jake Nickell, he covers the history of the company from its conception in his Chicago bedroom to the successful business it is today. Alongside the selection of each year’s top designs are interviews with influential Threadless members and prominent design consultants such as RISD president John Maeda who also guest-curated a series of Threadless Select shirts designed by members of the RISD community, Squidoo founder Seth Godin as well as Jeff Howe, who coined the marketing term “crowdsourcing” and Toms founder Blake Mycoskie—all of whom talk about what an ideal business model Threadless is.

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With its message of passion, creativity and fearlessness, the Threadless book is more than just a visually-stimulating flip through. Its 224 pages of design, artwork and creativity make for an inspirational read for any entrepreneurial start-up.

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