Unity Peg


Unity Peg's unconventional graphics of conventional domestic products printed on tea towels and tablecloths are an easy way to liven up kitchens with modern graphic flair. The brainchild of an Australian husband-and-wife duo, their goal with Unity Peg it to explore visual ideas and carry them out on textiles, making the mundane household item modern and relevant again.

Beginning with the "Wash Up" series, furniture designer Jane Atfield and artist Robert Shepherd created a range of tea towels which boast bold colors and simple outlines of items like cleaning supplies and plumbing. Their acute sense for captivating color schemes and interesting compositions is apparent from their initial series to their latest, which features playful graphics of various weather elements. Included in their collection is a customizable tea towel, offering the important date of your choice in large block numbers.


Designed to evoke emotion, the tablecloth "Picnic" encourages people to dine together outside or to bring about a sense of nature indoors if used as a wall hanging. Even more curious though are Utility Peg's self adhesive wall stickers, a collection of high quality cut-outs that range from animals to musical instruments. Easy to apply to a variety of smooth surfaces, they are great for decorating a child's room or adding a bit of character to a lackluster wall, the perfect example below in which Unity Peg was commissioned to brighten up the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.


Unity Peg products are available on their website, where you can also see their list of upcoming exhibitions and shows.