Victor & Susie


We've all mastered the emoticon, but design duo Brighten The Corners challenges the QWERTY keyboard's full graphic capabilities with their new book "Victor & Susie," a children's tale for adults illustrated completely from type.

The 72-page, pocket-sized book is a study on how we perceive and read letters. By using third person narrative and equal proportions for both text and illustration, Brighten The Corners' Anastasios Billy Kiossoglou and Frank Philippin were able to achieve a comic book type effect that would attract adult readers but is still easy enough for children.

Using a mix of Futura and VAG fonts, as well as a few Greek letters, the book is a tale about a small girl Susie who discovers an injured snail in her vegetable box. She decides to take care of him and as the snail recovers Susie begins to feel sad. A lesson in caring, mending and letting go it could be a great Holiday gift.


The book is printed on 100% recovered paper and is available for purchase through the Brighten The Corners Shop.