Whipping Post’s Leather Roll-Top Backpack

The classic design gets a sizable update in pure vegetable-tanned leather


Specially designed technical backpacks have their place in everyone’s collection. Though not all designs are universal in function—high alpine trekking calls for a bag with particular features that aren’t entirely necessary for day hikes or the daily commute. For everyday life and short journeys, the roll-top is a classic rucksack design lauded for its protection from the elements, versatility in storage capacity and lack of break points, since there is no zipper on the main compartment. Building on their reputation for sturdy leather takes on classic bags, NYC-based Whipping Post recently dropped its first backpack: a vegetable-tanned leather Roll-Top with canvas straps.


“I gravitate towards simple, classic design that will last for years,” says founder Ryan Barr. “The roll top has a great look to it and great functionality in protecting contents with the roll down feature. There’s something nostalgic about it in a way as well.” At 16 inches by 12.5 inches—and four inches deep—the pack accommodates broader body types without seeming oversized. As Barr succinctly states, it “doesn’t make you look like you’re on the way to 7th Grade Algebra.” An internal zippered pocket keeps high value essentials separate from the main compartment. External pockets on each side are perfect for easy access, while the belted roll-top allows the pack to safely secure loads of varying sizes. And belt-adjustable olive green canvas straps ensure comfort without taking away from the bag’s timeless appeal. As the bag sees more and more use, each journey’s story will be told in the fine tobacco leather.

Pick up the Roll-Top from Whipping Post for $210.

Images courtesy of Whipping Post