Yall & Us

Our picks from an Atlanta design exhibit featuring fresh creative talent

Our friends from Brooklyn creative studio Wintercheck Factory recently hit Atlanta’s Yall & Us fair—a design exhibit put on by multi-disciplinary firm People of Resources as part of Modern Atlanta‘s design week. Combining southern hospitality with a fresh perspective on design fairs, Yall & Us’ novel concept helps make Atlanta a contender among emerging creative hotbeds.

Check out a few of the exciting new finds from around the world below, which all sell via text message from the Yall & Us portal market.

kawara1.jpg kawara2.jpg
On Kawara Stamp Kit

Created specifically for Yall & Us, the On Kawara Stamp Kit from Tokyo-based design studio Et Al., Etc. is a transportable letterpress set inspired by the artist whose main body of work consists of paintings depicting nothing more than a date. The kit includes a black stamp pad and a full range of upper and lower case letters organized into seven small cases “for those simple facts and fictions that must be collected and sent off to another” while on the go.

prairie-chair1.jpg rockwell-table1.jpg
Prairie Chair and Rockwell Table

Portland-based furniture and interiors studio Von Tundra showed their Prairie Chair and new Rockwell Table, handcrafted from refurbished pallet wood and inspired by “reductive modernism and the farmer-made furniture of the American Midwest.

people-resource1.jpg people-resource2.jpg
Pocket Nondisclosure Agreement Notepad

The Yall & Us host People of Resource presented a clever little Nondisclosure Agreement Notepad for all those times when “your random coffee conversation takes a turn for the confidential.”


The Lawn Chair Set

Adding a touch of glamor to a backyard staple, Refined Sugar Studio introduced The Lawn Chair Set—vintage chairs covered in 23-karat gold leaf with brass hardware, and a padlock to keep your gilded lowbrow furniture from falling into the wrong hands.

paul-desk1.jpg paul-desk2.jpg
Paul Desk

Taking one of their early designs to a new level, Wintercheck Factory showed off their updated Paul Desk—now a fully customizable workstation made by a woman-led workshop based in Pomona, CA.