Yüksel Arslan: A Retrospective


Returning to his native Turkey for the first time in 40 years, 76-year-old artist Yüksel Arslan ends his self-imposed exile for an exhaustive retrospective showcasing his obscure works at the Santralistanbul Museum in Istanbul.

Arslan moved to Paris 1961—where he reportedly ran with the likes of Sartre, Breton and Dubuffet—avoiding artistic censorship for his socialist overtones and provocative satires of the inequities in the working world.


The seven-month exhibition includes pieces dating back to the 1950s, reflecting both the political climate of that time period and Arslan's subversive personality. Though there are a few pieces on display at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, this exhibition will be one of the first in Turkey to show his work.

Yüksel Arslan: A Retrospective
13 September 2009-21 March 2010
Santralistanbul Museum
Eski SilahtaraÄŸa Elektrik Santrali
Silahtar Mah. Kazım Karabekir Cad. No: 2/6
Eyüp-Istanbul, Turkey map
tel. +90 0212 311 7809