Zevs: Hong Kong Liquidated Logos

by Ariston Anderson


While preparing for his first ever solo show in Hong Kong recently, authorities arrested French graffiti artist and notorious logo destroyer Zevs after he painted a "liquidated" Chanel logo atop the flagship Giorgio Armani store to "reflect the war of brands."

The store was not pleased, demanding HK$6.7 million (about $850,000) in damages after the artist pleaded guilty. While he used a water-based paint that should have been easy to remove, the store claims they cannot remove the paint due to the sandstone facade of the building.


Of course, there's no such thing as bad press—we recommend checking out the show. It features all new works, including lacquered paintings of Louis Vuitton and Chanel logos, as well as ceramics and metal pieces, produced by local craftsman using traditional Chinese methods. If you're currently in Hong Kong, stop by the Giorgio Armani store while you still can to see what's left of his street escapade.


Hong Kong Liquidated Logos
Through 30 September 2009
Art Statements Gallery
G/F, 5 Mee Lun Street
Central, Hong Kong map
tel. +852 2122 9657