ABC Holiday Brunch Table

We chose our favorite wares to decorate your table for the holidays

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‘Tis the season to be entertaining. Once you’ve found the perfect recipe for your upcoming holiday brunch, we’ve got everything else coveredfrom what to drink to what to drink it into ensure that it will be a meal to remember. We’ve gathered a selection of unique wares for decoration and serving, all of which can be found either at ABC Carpet & Home’s newly revamped website or their new artisanal marketplace, aptly called abcmkt.


La Bote Epice Bloody Mary Spice Master Collection

Welcome guests by taking a classic brunch cocktail and elevating it to the next level: Bloody Marys made from custom spice blends, a collaboration between Jim Meehan of popular NYC speakeasy PDT (Please Don’t Tell) and Lior Lev Sercarz’s biscuit and spice shop La Bote Epice. This set of three semi-secret, handcrafted blendsaccompanied by Meehan’s detailed cocktail recipes, down to the 0.25 ozis sure to thrill even the most ardent Bloody Mary critics. From the grapefruit and green chili-laced B-Maria which pairs with tequila, to the B-Marlene, composed of gin botanicals like juniper as well as horseradish, wow your guests before they’ve even sat down. Each individual jar makes about 40 drinks. Available for $45.

jan-burtz-dish-1a.jpg jan-burtz-dish-2.jpg
Jan Burtz Tableware

If Connecticut-based ceramist Jan Burtz’s tableware line looks familiar, that’s because they are the same dishes used at ABC Kitchen. The farm-to-table restaurant’s rustic aesthetic and organic mantra is complemented perfectly by the asymmetrical shapes of her dinnerware, with their thin, irregular edges. A more inviting alternative to fine chinayet just as classyBurtz’s tableware doesn’t only function as eye-candy. Because each piece is handmade by Burtz, no two dishes are alike. Available from $25 and up.

farm-table-serveware-1.jpg farm-table-serveware-2.jpg
Farm to Table Serveware

Exclusive to ABC, Farm to Table serveware adds even more fare to the table, as the ceramic pieces are crafted using handmade molds from real fruits and vegetables. The act of passing food becomes even more merry and whimsical when it’s served inside a Butternut Squash Covered Dish, Fennel Pitcher or Cabbage Bowl. Painted a pastoral shade of cream, the serveware makes the natural colors of the cooked food pop even more. Available from $22 and up.

abc-glass-bottle-2.jpg abc-daniolo-oil-2.jpg
Glass Bottle

It’s all in the detailsand even tap water can look elegant when its poured out of this glass version of the ubiquitous plastic water bottle. The curves of the Glass Bottle (made from eco-friendly glass) are a distinguishing feature that set it apart from traditional smooth-all-over glass pitchers. It makes a subtle environmental statement, as well. Available from $24 and up.

Daniolo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Those who live in the Mediterranean know best: Daniolo (a family-run business in Greece) sources its olives from Koroneiki trees, which make for a robust, zingy oil with very low acidity. High in antioxidants and polyphenols (which are purported to decrease risk of heart disease and cancer), Daniolo’s organic extra virgin olive oil is a guilt-free way to add a flavorful punch to salad dressing or bread. Available from $15 and up.


Amagansett Sea Salt

Located in the Hamptons of Long Island, New York, Amagansett may be a popular vacation area in the summer, but year-round its seawaters produce rave-worthy salt with a mild, sweet flavor and a crunch that hits the perfect balance between hard and soft. The process is entirely natural, dependent only upon solar evaporation and ocean breezes, resulting in a briny, pure salt that’s energy-conscious. Available from $12 and up.


Paper & Tea Herbal Tea

End the meal with a warm cup of top-quality tea. The Berlin-based specialty tea company Paper & Tea is finally making its US debut, exclusively through ABC. P&T uses 100% pure, whole tea leaves that are free from pesticides or growth agentsand the result is deliciously comforting. Available for $24.

La Bote Epice photo by Josh Rubin, tea image courtesy of Matthaeus Kruzynski, all other images courtesy of ABC Carpet and Home