Eco-friendly tasting spoons save the planet one fro-yo bite at a time

ecotensil-1.jpg ecotensil-2.jpg

Ever wondered what happens to tasting spoons after you’ve sampled the latest fro-yo flavor? Peggy Cross did and found the little plastic utensils usually end up sitting in landfills for centuries. Drawing on her experience as a marketing director, the mother of two boys applied her knowledge of efficient packaging and distribution to spoon design. The result is EcoTensil, a biodegradable scoop made from flat shiny paperboard. Fold the two dots together and presto—instant taste-tester!


Spoons biodegrade in two-five weeks (compare to six months or longer for other biodegradable tasters) and the charmingly simple design packages more efficiently and ships flat, saving on transportation energy costs. EcoTensils come in a tiny version, the EcoTaster, and a full-size version, the EcoSpoon. There’s even an EcoSecurity model designed for prisons and psych wards, an alternative that eliminates the danger of sharpened utensils and is more humane than fingers-only eating.

A starter kit of 1,000 EcoTasters runs $36, with prices increasing from there. They sell online from EcoTensil.