Fearless Raw Organic Chocolate

A chocolate company dedicated to making more than just brilliant chocolate bars


Oakland-based Fearless was created by artist and activist Jordan Michael Schuster in 2006. The company uses organic Cacao from Brazil that’s been crafted to produce two to three times more antioxidants than traditional organic chocolate. The chocolate bars are made with 100% Kosher ingredients and are dairy-, gluten- and soy-free, using mineral-rich unrefined whole sugars.

In order to consider the chocolate bars raw, the cacao beans are temperature controlled using water-jacketed equipment.The process includes grinding, mixing, melting and molding the chocolate at temperatures that are under 118°F in order to preserve the nutrients, enzymes and anti-oxidants. The unique flavors offered are: Matcha Green Tea Peppermint (our fave), Sweet and Hot Hibiscus Ginger, Super Seeds Chrunch Hemp Chia Flax, Dark as Midnight and bestseller Exploding Coconuts. The flavors are both unique, potent and extremely satisfying.


Fearless is also dedicated to making a conscious effort to give back to “fearless” people or organizations making a difference. One percent of its yearly profits are donated to “changemakers” that are suggested by Fearless customers. After suggestions have been made, a yearly vote happens in December to decide who will receive the generous donation. Fearless’ dedication to giving back is reflected in their packaging seen below, where a “bite” has been taken both out of the chocolate bar and its packaging, symbolizing the percentage taken out of the company’s profits.


photo via Notcot

This well-rounded company has also made a concerted effort to be environmentally responisble by using 100 percent recycled paper that bio-degrades in six months. The wrapper inside is also made from environmentally appropriate materials that serve to ward off elements that threaten the purity of the bar.

When you bite into this unassumingly amazing chocolate bar, do it knowing you are being both satisfied and supporting a company that’s giving back. Buy a single bar for $5 or a box of 11 bars for $55 from their online shop.