Salazon Chocolate


A rich dark chocolate flecked with natural sea salt, Salazon's bars seize on the growing sweet-and-savory trend by introducing an organic line devoted to the concept. The first salt-infused chocolate brand offers three equally delicious flavors—dark chocolate, dark chocolate with organic turbinado cane sugar and dark chocolate with organic cracked black pepper.

With a smooth texture and a dark chocolate that tastes slightly sweeter than most (we're guessing it's about 60%) , the salt balances the flavors perfectly, like an exclamation point hitting your tongue as the chocolate melts in your mouth. Pleasingly spiced, the black pepper chocolate adds a light lingering kick and disappeared first in our office. A close second in popularity, the addition of turbinado sugar (a less processed and therefore larger crystal) makes for a pleasing crunch.


Crafted in small batches in Maryland, Salazon creates quality products while also giving back to the earth that supplies their ingredients with their pledge to donate 1% of sales to the For The Planet foundation. The proponents of travel, the outdoors and photography also wears their values on their sleeve, printing customer-submitted travel pics on their packaging.


Available at organic markets or online from The Vegan Store, each of their salaciously sweet chocolate bars runs about $3.