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Jameson’s The Blender’s Dog Irish Whiskey Reaches the US

It’s butterscotch notes all the way in this second release from the brand’s Whiskey Makers series

One can gage from its name that The Blenders Dog is an homage expression from Jameson. That said, it’s not an ode to a pawed pet. Rather, this second expression to be released from the Whiskey Makers Series, goes out to the brand’s Head Blender Billy Leighton and his frequently used tool, the dog. A dog is a dipper that blenders use to remove samples from whiskey barrels (through a hole known as the bung, in case you were wondering). It’s a worthy dedication because once again Leighton has assembled a spirit that’s very easy to love. This tipple embodies the Irish whiskey ethos: it’s lighter and sweeter than many American or Scottish brown spirits, but a rich mouthfeel offers a whirlwind of vanilla and butterscotch. Spices pick up from there and as it all begins to fade one is left with bright fruitiness. The 86 proof product launched last year in select European markets and has finally made it’s way to the States. The series it falls within aims to highlight the makers behind the whiskey and the elements they focus on. Blending plays an important role—and The Blender’s Dog succeeds at making this quite clear.

The Blenders Dog is now available in the US, as a permanent portfolio addition, for $69 and it can be purchased in select markets online.

Images courtesy of Jameson


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