Jones Cola

A classic flavor from an unconventional soda company


Jones Soda has become known for creating drinks with natural sweeteners and eclectic flavors. Also known for their unique packaging, the colorful soda company’s usual variety includes tastes ranging from Blue Bubblegum and Green Apple to Fufu Berry and Naranja Mandarina. Consequentially, it may come as a surprise to fans of the brand that Jones is releasing a new line of cola-flavored sodas to complement their existing selection.

JonesCola-5.jpg JonesCola-2.jpg

After personally tasting this soda, I can say with confidence that it lives up to the expectations the Jones name holds it to. The labels are charming as per usual, and the soda even comes in a Sucralose-based zero sugar/calorie option if you’re not interested in the natural cane-sweetened one. Jones Cola and Jones Zilch Cola will be available from the company’s website or at a variety of stores starting in late July.