June Taylor Ketchup


We've been fans of June's conserves and other specialties for seven years. We finally got around to visiting her Berkeley, CA Still Room, where we shot an upcoming episode of Cool Hunting Video. It was then that she dropped the bomb on us: she's started to make ketchup. And just like her jam isn't just jam, her ketchup isn't just ketchup.

Made from Early Girl tomatoes, which are organically grown and dry-farmed, her version starts sweet. Then your tongue is treated to a spicy finish and a strong but not overpowering blend of secret herbs and spices.

At $15 a bottle this is not your everyday ketchup, but like her conserves they bring a lot of love and an incredible purity to your table.

For those who cook, she also makes a Tomato paste.

Available online from June Taylor and at these retailers (not all stores carry all items).

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