Food Writer Mayukh Sen Reframes Cuisine as Cultural Windows

Mayukh Sen writes about food and its relation to cultural symbols through a decolonialized and anticapitalist perspective. In his recently released, debut book, Taste Makers: Seven Immigrant Women Who Revolutionized Food in America, he does so by crafting profiles on overlooked chefs and cooks in order to rectify what he calls the “cultural amnesia” that erased them from history. “Who has to take on the burden of cooking and what cultural rules made them do so? Who has to cook so that others can survive? What I’ve tried to reflect in my work is the truth that food is much more than an object for consumption. It is a window into so many imbalances within American society,” Sen tells MOLD. Find more insight in the interview which delves into Sen’s thoughts on the future of food writing, how to be more receptive to non-Eurocentric narratives about taste and more.

Image courtesy of Jake Sigl/Mold Magazine