Milkmade Ice Cream


Another NYC winter awaits us just around the corner, but cold weather doesn't mean the end of ice cream cravings thanks to a novel new ice cream delivery service. Saving New Yorkers from a trip outside, Milkmade, a full-service start-up, delivers their handmade ice cream right to your door every month.

Subscribers receive a menu of five seasonal flavors, each a blend of produce sourced from NYC's Union Square Greenmarket mixed with Ronnybrook Farm Dairy cream. The monthly service also promises to dish out flavors like Peanut Butter and Brown Sugar, Nectarine Raspberry and their breakfast tribute, Maple Pancake.


Recently adding cake to their inventory, Milkmade also turns out cakes with crust comprised of homemade cookies topped off with chocolate fudge, vanilla ice cream and hand-whipped cream. Monthly subscription prices are still to be determined, visit their site to sign up.