Mr. Q Cumber Soda

Meet your new mixer muse, a sparkling cucumber beverage


Balanced with just the right touch of tang and sweetness, the cucumber taste of Mr. Q Cumber soda has been making a buzz around CH HQ.

Over ice, the carbonated drink is a satisfying summer-in-the-city thirst quencher. As our mixer muse of the moment, we’ve been pairing it with just about everything in our bar and find it goes best with tequila, vodka, gin or Pimm’s.

Moderately sweetened with cane sugar, the soda comes in seven-ounce bottles perfectly sized for an afternoon treat or after work aperitif. Try updating a Pimm’s Cup recipe with Mr. Q Cumber instead of ginger ale, or changing up your g and t. Here’s the recipe for what we call the CH Gin Q:

-1 seven-ounce bottle of Mr. Q Cucumber
-1 ½ ounces of Plymouth Gin (we found Plymouth offered the perfect balance)
-Fresh lemon juice to taste (we found a teaspoon to be just about right)
-Lemon peel
-Cucumber slice

Place plenty of ice in your glass. Add the gin and lemon juice and stir. Add the Mr. Q Cumber and stir again. Garnish with the cucumber slice on the rim. Twist the lemon peel over the drink to release its oils. Drop the peel in the glass and serve.

Mr. Q Cumber sells from retailers around the U.S and online from the Soda Pop Stop for $2.15 per bottle or contact the distributor here.