NYC’s Javits Center Opens Rooftop Farm

Since 2014, the Jacob K Javits Convention Center has been home to the largest green roof in NYC, totaling 6.75 acres of greenery. Now, the venue has added a one-acre farm in order to supply ingredients to its kitchen, cutting the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions. The farm, which officially launched in September, is expected to provide 40,000 fruits and vegetables annually and has already supplied the produce for this year’s New York Comic Con, which the Javits Center hosts. “We’re quite excited about it. It should have good biodiversity, and we’re really hoping it can be a small little bit of ecosystem for wildlife in the city,” says Ben Flanner, co-founder of Brooklyn Grange Farm, the company that designed and planned the Javits farm. Equipped with the garden, farm, orchard, greenhouse, bee aviary and solar panels, the Javits Center will not only grow food efficiently but will also be a hub for animals, housing 35 different bird species and five different bat species. Learn more about this farm at Civil Eats.

Image courtesy of Javits Center