We recently came across the Papabubble range of sweetened goodies and who would've thought that lollies—and hard ones at that—could be made to look so creative. And delicious.

It's the twists on conventional lolly types that make the Barcelona-based company so worth checking out. We spoke to founder Tommy Tang about the rise of Papabubble from Australian upstarts to international favorites, "Crick, my delicious partner and I started Papabubble in Barcelona in June 2003. I did, however, begin to get my hands dirty in 1997 in Melbourne where I opened my first store, called Suga. After expanding through Melbourne, we set up Sticky in Sydney with my delicious partner's brother. And then fled the country to begin the Papabubble in Spain, where we still live and still burn our fingers."

Photo courtesy of Roboppy.