Plymouth Gin

Design Bridge redesigns the bottle, bringing back a touch of heritage


Next time you reach for Plymouth Gin, you’ll notice their newly redesigned bottle. A welcomed transformation from the tall, square-shaped vessel with a navy blue and silver color scheme to a rounded antique-style shape and distinctive oval label—the trademark Mayflower stamp remains—the new bottle still houses the same gin made in the same single Victorian copper still since 1793.

When Pernod Ricard asked Design Bridge to redesign the Plymouth Gin bottle, their team delved into the company’s archives for inspiration. The goal: to create a bottle that would not only stand out on the shelf behind a bar, but also tell the story of the spirit in an authentic way. This process led them to focus on Plymouth’s rich heritage and to codify a thematic idea for the project, “Looking Back to Look Forward”.

According to the historical record, the pilgrim fathers spent their last night in the Black Friars Distillery where Plymouth later began production in the 18th century. With this in mind, Design Bridge made the Mayflower more prominent on the new label.


Below the ship reads the caption, “In 1620 The Mayflower set sail from Plymouth on a journey of hope and discovery,” the additional focus taking the bottle design closer to earlier versions of the logo. Design Bridge spared no detail, creating a copper cap to depict Plymouth’s original 1793 gin still, while the uneven glass bottle shape is meant to look like it fell out of the back pocket of a 19th century sailor.


Plymouth Gin is available in its new bottle online as well as liquor stores throughout the world for prices starting around $33. Learn more about Plymouth Gin in our video tour of the 214-year-old facility with master distiller Sean Harrison.