PureSport Performance Drinks


PureSport makes two sports drinks: PureSport Workout and PureSport Recovery. The drinks were created by Dr. John Ivy, the Chairman of Health and Kinesiology at the University of Texas at Austin, based on extensive research he has performed.

Simply put, Dr. Ivy found that delivering the right balance of carbohydrates to protein and maintaining proper hydration during and after your workout allows your body to perform better and recover more quickly.

We found the science behind PureSport intriguing so a few of us tried it out over a few months and were surprised at the results: We really did feel that we performed better during—and less sore after—our workouts.

The drinks are available as single use packets of powder (just add water) or in pre-made bottles and come in several flavors. They are available exclusively on the PureSport site, where you can learn all about the scientific details of the products, the athletes and trainers who use them, and the team behind their creation.