Rekorderlig Winter Forest

East London's Truman Brewery is transformed into an enchanting Swedish woodland

reborkerling-lon1.jpg reborkerling-lon2.jpg

Though Brick Lane may no longer be as cutting edge as it once was, the iconic East London street still hosts some of the most interesting art and collaborations in the city. Considering the area’s reputation as a go-to food and drink destination, what better place to open an unusual pop-up bar? Swedish cider brand Rekorderlig whisks people away from the urban jungle outside and into a calm Scandinavian Winter Forest with its 12-day space in the Truman Brewery.


Surrounded by pine and birch trees taken from a private estate, guests enjoy cocktails such as Svensk Mojito (Swedish Mojito,) Warm Äppelpaj (Hot Apple Pie) and Winter Collins. Food comes from Scandinavian chefs Norse by Norsewest—of Disappearing Dining Club fame—in small taster portions, with Swedish classics such as herring and meatballs conjuring thoughts of long northern nights.


Commissioned by Apartment A, the cozy forest was created and choreographed by Atelier London, with trees that have been selected as part of the necessary thinning out of woodland. Scandinavian DJs, half hidden among the encroaching trees, play an eclectic mix of tracks under a canopy of lights in the otherwise dark forest. The enchanted feeling doesn’t quite stretch all the way to the bathrooms, but even there the Swedish theme is obvious, with stickers teaching customers Swedish proverbs like “Forbidden fruit always tastes the best.”


Rekorderlig’s Winter Forest is open through 6 November 2012 at East London’s Truman Brewery. Tickets for a special flavor tasting can be purchased online for £5.

Images by Andrea DiCenzo