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Rocco’s The Super Smart Fridge Lets You Check What You Already Have, Remotely

Thanks to a patent-pending Sight System, this appliance—with room for 27 wine bottles or 88 cans—lets you glance inside with a connected app

Courtesy of Rocco, by Christina Stoever

Imagine you’re at your local liquor store buying wine before a few friends come over later this evening. You can’t remember whether you have enough white wine for the folks that prefer it over red. Now, with Rocco’s The Super Smart Fridge, you can check from anywhere, thanks to its patent-pending Sight System, a feature that lets you look inside your fridge from afar simply by opening its connected app on your phone.

Courtesy of Rocco, by Christina Stoever

This is far more than an app-connected “smart fridge.” Rocco’s appliance is aiming to be the focal point of your home entertainment plan. With room for 27 wine bottles, 88 cans, or a mixed assortment, it can keep the party going without breaking up the flow of the event. Plus, it’s pleasantly noticeable, unlike most mini-fridges, which are often loud, cumbersome and a gaudy gunmetal or unsightly white color.

Courtesy of Rocco, by Christina Stoever

Instead, Rocco’s The Super Smart Fridge is made from welded steel in a bubbly yellow, matte white or swanky graphite color, with a reeded glass door—that helps keep UV light away from your wine and the fridge’s internal light out of your living room—and a dimmable interior bulb. 

Courtesy of Rocco, by Plainsigh

Furthermore, the top doubles as a bar, which lifts off as needed to service the room. Or, if you keep it in position and populate it with accoutrements and garnishes, guests can customize their drink as they grab it. Storage itself is easy, whether a beverage is front and center or tucked into the back of the fridge: the shelves pull out all the way, leaving no canned or bottle behind. 

Rocco’s The Super Smart Fridge is available now via Rocco, Huckberry or Nordstrom.

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