The First Super-Automatic Wine Appliance: Plum

Much more than a temperature-controlled storage facility

To date, there is no wine appliance as advanced as the forthcoming Plum system. The fact that Plum is a temperature-controlled storage unit for two 750ml bottles (which are both kept at separate temperatures) is just the start. When one places a bottle of wine within the system, a patent-pending needle punctures the bottle—through cork, faux cork or metal screw cap. Dual HD cameras photograph and then identify the wine according to vintage, varietal, region, and winery from a database of more than six million. It then populates the front screen with an image of the bottle’s label, while setting the internal temperature to match the ideal pouring temp. With the push of a button, Plum then disperses wine in either one ounce tasting pours or five ounce portions. Each bottle can last inside, oxygen free, for 90 days. While testing the product at TriBeCa’s Bouley Test Kitchen, it’s ease of operation truly impressed.

Plum founder David Koretz, a serial entrepreneur and wine enthusiast, walked us through the product which he spent years developing (along with his knowledge of the perfect way to serve wine). He called our attention to the fact that people would rather not eat a lukewarm steak or drink a warm cup of coffee, but with wine, we often neglect the proper pour temperature. His eye for design, however, meant matching the aesthetics of Plum to other high-end kitchen appliances that consumers have in their home. Crafted from molded, brushed stainless steel with a high-gloss black front and seven-inch glass-paneled touchscreen, it’s something to behold. There’s an integrated WiFi system, and an accompanying web app to keep track of wine history. And 200 bottles can be cycled through the system before the cartridge needs replacing—this being another factor that differentiates it from earlier products of this ilk. This is an intelligent device for any wine lover.

Plum is currently available for pre-order online at $1,499, with plans to ship in the spring of 2017.

Video and images courtesy of Plum