Savage Jerky Co’s Beef and Bacon Offerings

All-natural, small-batch snacks that pack a punch

This isn’t the same jerky one will find in row upon row at a gas station while mid-road trip. It’s substantially better. In fact, Savage Jerky was created—with the help of three Kickstarter campaigns since 2014—after its founders Brad, Michelle and Mason Summey noticed that all the jerky they crossed in gas stations was dry and boring. They launched their family-owned brand with a goal to perfect the meats, get quite creative with flavors, and keep it all natural. Along the way, they released some of the best jerky we’ve ever tried, introduced two types of bacon jerky (Sriracha and Maple Buffalo), and unleashed one known as The Reaper, which reaches about two million Scoville units on the pepper heat scale. Jerky is supposed to be fun, and Savage gets that, but they also understand the value of putting out a great product.

Savage makes quality original jerky too—in traditional, cracked pepper and sea salt, and teriyaki versions. There’s a tenderness to the meat, but the expected chewability holds true. Savage also offers three different flavor series. The Mojos (in traditional, jalapeno and habanero) incorporate garlic, lime and cilantro. The Sriracha group has the aforementioned bacon version, but two premium beef options, one with teriyaki and one with sweet BBQ. In the Buffalo series, there’s both a habanero and an even hotter Ghost Pepper. It doesn’t quite reach the heights of the Reaper, but it’s a challenge nonetheless. Again, the quality of the meat and ingredients yields a better product, regardless of flavor.

Savage Jerky is available online at $8 per pack.

First and third image by Cool Hunting, all others courtesy of Savage Jerky