Monty’s Smoked Jerky

Delicious smoked jerky made from vegetarian cows makes a great snack at home or on the road

Montys-Jerky-2.jpg Montys-jerky-1.jpg

Essentials for the impending apocalypse include a solid vehicle and some hearty, long lasting eats. So if you haven’t yet, go snag an ICON Bronco and check out the delectable meat treats by Monty’s Beef Jerky. With five different flavors ranging in hotness and spice mix, Monty’s serves up tasty, hormone, antibiotic and preservative-free smoked meats from their homebase in Bird City, Kansas. In our eyes, a good beef jerky should be chewy, landing the perfect balance between bone dry and moist. Monty’s hits the mark perfectly, providing a nice sheen while avoiding being oily. Speaking to the quality of any great jerky, the packages we sampled lasted mere minutes in the office kitchen.

Check out Monty’s line up and grab a pack for $14 from their online store or from our friends at New York Mouth.

Images by Graham Hiemstra