Socially Conscious Snow Leopard Vodka

A new luxury spirit that donates a percentage of its proceeds to conservation


For consumers who don’t have time to try all of the many different vodkas on the market, it’s tough to know the liquor’s true nuances and build brand allegiance. With the newly released Snow Leopard Vodka, however, there’s an added value to every purchase: conservation.

The high-end spirit is distilled and handcrafted in small batches in Poland’s Polmos Lublin, using fertilizer and pesticide-free spelt (rather than wheat or rye), which happens to make for a unique and solid vodka offering. It’s a smooth sip with a viscous mouthfeel—a little creamy with a longer, lingering finish. With this in mind, it’s a reliable cocktail vodka that also holds up when sipped neat. That fine taste, coupled with the fact that founder Stephen Sparrow is active in snow leopard conservation (it’s estimated that there are fewer than 3,500 snow leopards left in the wild) and 15% of all proceeds go directly to the Snow Leopard Trust are good determining factors in selecting a vodka when you’re looking for something that’s both thoughtful and new.

Snow Leopard Vodka is available online for $40, and is presently rolling out in markets across the US right now.

Images by Cool Hunting