Vermont Gold

Subtly sweet vodka, triple distilled from pure Vermont maple sap

vermont-gold-sap.jpg vermont-gold-bottles.jpg

Typically made from earthy vegetables or grains like potato or wheat, Vermont Gold vodka, made from 100% maple sap, defies most preconceptions about the popular spirit. With an aroma that hints of tartness and butterscotch, it has a smooth taste with just a bit of spice and each sip’s complex flavor profile is surprising for an unflavored vodka.

Starting with pure Vermont maple sap (harvested for only a few weeks of every year), the brew undergoes a triple distillation process using local spring water, and vodka passes through a charcoal filter at the end of each cycle to remove impurities. The strict attention to detail in the distilling and fermentation process, along with the freshest local ingredients, results in the clean, maple-infused taste.


In addition to Gold, Vermont Spirits also offers Vermont White—made from 100% milk sugar—as well as an annual Limited Release vodka made from the finest “early run sap.”

Bottles sell online and in stores through the U.S., with prices beginning at $43 each.