White Mountain Farm Quinoa

The leading stateside farmers of the world's superfood


Even the most informed food trend followers may not know that quinoa’s status among current superfoods was decades in the making. The story of how Quinoa made it from its native land to North America goes back to two intrepid gentlemen who wanted to grow the Andean crop stateside. In 1987 John McCamant and Ernie New first attempted to grow Quinoa in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. After adapting the grain to the local climate, White Mountain Farm became the premiere source for Quinoa in the United States.

Certified organically grown since the first crop, White Mountain Quinoa offers all the well-documented nutritional benefits of the magic crop (extremely high in protein, it contains calcium, phospherous, iron, vitamin E, as well as a full suite of amino acids), but can also deliver peace of mind for the consumer. Since the soaring popularity of Quinoa has put major stress on the Bolivian market, elevated costs have essentially priced out local communities from consuming it. All the Quinoa from White Mountain Farm is grown in Colorado, without impacting the native diets of Peruvian and Bolivian populations.


White Mountain Farm Quinoa can be ordered online starting at $5 per one-pound bag, and each one comes with easy-to-follow Quinoa recipes.