Wyoming Whiskey

Small-batch bourbon whiskey, with all ingredients sourced within 100 miles of the distillery


Far from what’s considered the land of bourbon in the American south, just east of Yellowstone National Park in the expansive state of Wyoming, a new tradition in distilling is underway. Based in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming Whiskey counts the 100-mile wide plateau as a key collaborator in their small-batch bourbon—partially because all of the ingredients in their lightly caramel and vanilla spirit come from the area. With access to limestone-filtered water and healthy stocks of locally grown wheat, corn and barley, it’s a wonder more bourbon-makers haven’t set up shop out west. Aged in charred oak barrels, the whiskey has a quality of minerality thanks in part to the nature of its water source. A viscous mouthfeel lends to exploring the complex notes of western libation. Caramel and citrus are evident on the palate while the nose tends toward the vanilla-nutmeg end of the spectrum.

Currently available across the western US, expect to see Wyoming Whiskey
increase its presence east of the Rockies in the coming months. Pick up a bottle online from Total Beverage
for $39.

Images by Cool Hunting