The Jam Stand

Unusual ingredients and experimental spreads from a booze-friendly duo in Brooklyn


Ever since we discovered boozy jams made from local spirits, our expectations for unique, bold flavors have drastically increased—and the offerings from Brooklyn-based The Jam Stand do not disappoint. Founders Jessica Quon and Sabrina Valle aren’t afraid to get weird with their recipes—yet always ensure that they use the freshest of ingredients—pairing onions with wine, raspberries with jalapeños, and bananas sprinkled with rum and lime.

The highlight of the bunch is the Not Just Peachy, Sriracha Jam with chunky, fresh peaches spiced with the perfect amount of heat. A testament to its flavor, the well balanced jam (thanks to a bit of sugar) can even stand on its own—a cracker or piece of toast is an afterthought, not a necessity. “We came up with the idea of Peach Sriracha Jam when we met our friend [and fellow Brooklynite] Jolene, founder of Jojo’s Sriracha, at a market we were both at,” Quon tells CH. “The jam pairs well with cheeses or on sandwiches, biscuits, yogurt. Also, a spicy PB&J!” They’ve also come up with a recipe for Peach Sriracha fried chicken, and include it with orders.


For those who want to try a different kind of confection, the Sweet Wino-nion Jam blends red onions with three different red wines for a nearly savory topping—perfect in a quiche—while the You’re My Boy BLUE-berry Bourbon Jam will add naughtiness to any parfait. None of The Jam Stand’s concoctions are liquid-like purees; their textures, clearly visible with the naked eye, are what set them apart from the crowd and assure that real ingredients are being used.

Jams are $10 each and available for purchase online directly from The Jam Stand as well as in stores (like ABC Home’s newly opened abcmkt) around the country.

Photos by Nara Shin