Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Rick Owens goes full frontal, Microsoft's HoloLens, meditating in a Vegas nightclub and more in our weekly look at the web


1. Krrb Classifieds

Nascar meets wheelchair in this polished tire rocker up for grabs on community-based classifieds site Krrb. The chair, named “El Rocker de Las Llantas Muertas” (The Rocker of Dead Tires), has been meticulously hand crafted by Brooklyn-based designer Rodney Allen Trice using various found objects and features two perfectly balanced rubber wheels and a custom steel frame. As explained by Swiss Miss who tipped us off, “It never gets boring flipping through the @krrbsale app.”

2. Meditating in the Club

A new type of nightclub is taking over at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. The hotel’s newly appointed artist-in-residence, Lia Chavez, has developed an interactive “meditative nightclub” that actively analyzes participant’s brainwaves as they respond to computer-generated lights and sounds. The show then comes full circle by translating the cerebral data into the very musical and visual stimuli that the user was first introduced to, which begs the question, “How do we achieve higher levels of awareness of what we’re experiencing without compromising the experience itself?”

3. Testing Microsoft’s HoloLens

Unlike Google Glass or Oculus Rift, Microsoft’s new HoloLens headset inserts virtual objects into your real-life world. Although the augmented reality glasses are still in their prototype phase, Microsoft gave GigaOm a demo of its four current applications: Holobuilder, Holostudio, Onsight and a HoloLens version of Skype. Each allow for vastly different functionality including 3D modeling, gaming, Mars exploration and video-chatting. HoloLens is slated to hit stores sometime in 2015.

4. Rick Owens’ Peepshow

Nudity at a fashion show is usually nothing to cause a commotion over, but at a recent Paris Fashion Week menswear show, designer Rick Owens set onlookers abuzz by sending four of his male models down the runway with peepholes for their penises. Owens is known for his dark and unconventional aesthetic, but his latest flesh-flashing pieces surprised even the most seasoned attendees and earned him the nickname #dickowens.


6. Texting Broad City

Although the App Store has been flooded with new keyboard apps since the release of iOS 8, we haven’t seen any as fun as Broad City’s version. The Comedy Central TV show brings its stoner delusions direct to your fingertips with a keyboard app filled with GIFs, stickers and Broad City-themed emoji. Now with the free and easily installable app, you can text a bag of bagels, a slim-pug face or the words “nature’s pocket” straight to your favorite Broad City buffs.

7. First Mexican Comic Book in Braille

For the first time ever, a Mexican comic book has been released in Braille. Writer Jorge Grajales and cartoonist Bernardo Fernandez decided to create the comic book after noticing that only 1% of all Mexican publications are released in Braille, leaving very little opportunity for nearly 1.2 million visually impaired Mexicans to read. Titled “Sensus. El Universo en sus ojos,” the graphic novel tells the story of an astronaut who begins to lose his sight after crash-landing on a foreign planet. The duo has plans for two follow-up releases set for early 2015.

7. Laying Down Super Gorone Desk

It’s a fact; sitting down all day can lead to a shorter life, but does standing up actually sound like a more attractive option? The clever minds behind Japan Trend Shop have come up with the ultimate solution: a desk that props-up your laptop allowing you to type from the comfort of your bed. The $119 Super Gorone Desk features adjustable arms and a tilting table that allow for the optimal typing angle. Now if only your boss would let your bring your bed to work.

8. Na Di’s New Style

Young designer Na Di founded her eponymous label in 2013 and has already garnered widespread recognition for her avant-garde aesthetic. As a follow-up to her award-wining A/W14 collection, Na Di has just released a lookbook for her upcoming A/W15 line in which she recruited Hunger Magazine’s fashion director Kim Howells to help with styling and imagery. Hunger sat down with Na Di to discuss her signature style, working with Howells and the burgeoning British menswear scene.

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